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ESTORNELL entertainer, filmmaker.

Estornell is specialised in masterplanning to teach theatre, linguistic terms of space & theatrical semiology.



Scripting and Prompting in all showy areas.



* Drama teacher.

*Strategic Planning and Implementation.

*Theatrical Set/Scenic Design & Construction.

*Audio/Visual Systems Design.

*Artistic & Musical Direction.

Estornell has provided as a consultant for churches, schools, community theaters, and camps. Among the consulting services offered are:













ESTORNELL entertainer, filmmaker.
ESTORNELL entertainer, filmmaker.

I offer lighting and lighting design, production and set design/fabrication, staging/fx and more. If you think it, I will produce it. I have an experienced team of professionals who take pride in their work whether it’s a full stage production or a delicately enhancing the ambiance of a wedding or private function. I would like the opportunity to make your life easier by "bringing everything from our stage to yours".

Estornell utilizes his in-house expertise augmented as a specialist designer, technical director, and other disciplines as necessary for a comprehensive conceptual design for the project. All key disciplines of the project: architecture, engineering, food service, retail, set and show design, attractions and rides, show technical, graphics and signage are all explored together for an integrated design that responds to the creative intent, operational requirements, and established budget for the project.


The first step in creating a Show is making a screenplay, or in other words, a script.  Now, a script, by definition, is a document that outlines every aural, visual, behavioral, and lingual element required to tell a story (in a movie, play, ect.).  Basically, a script tells me as the director and my cast and crew exactly what is going to go on in each scene or shot. 



In my rundowns I mostly have the following things:


It normally will consist of many panels, each showing an image that symbolizes a scene.  Under each panel is information such as dialogue, sound effects, and scene duration.  There may even be multiple images for one scene. It will feature multilevel platforms to serve as risers for the candidates to walk and stand. The design will be inspired by an eclectic representation of stylized ideas, it is appropriate for any television, corporate, political, religious or event production where a team needs to work together to plan and produce scripts and rundowns.


Every time the camera changes in fact, there can be another image, in Theater is the same.  They are very helpful in planning out your Brickfilm shot-by-shot. 


A typical theatrical show script may include dialogue, emotions, the setting, the props needed, and what the lighting and camera angles are going to be needed.  When you are making a script for a Brickfilm though, you don’t necessarily need to include all these things (especially if you are the only one working on it).  Your script can be as detailed or as simple as you like and I will help you to reach it.


David Estornell
David Estornell




The key of Prompting is "Proxemics vapour" that means the distances between character/actors in a play. It shows their relationships and feelings. This Prompt book is included in that Tempo, even in a Musical term for the speed or pace at which a piece of music should be performed. A fast-paced piece is known as UP-TEMPO, and a slow piece is DOWN-TEMPO. The paper first establishes its research context, examining recent debates about the conceptualisation of liveness and considering the relationship between language and audience experience. It then describes and analyses the findings of a small‑scale exercise in audience research that brings the free‑flowing discussions of audiences about the experiences.


Through this exercise the paper investigates how the experience of theatre is implicitly and explicitly articulated, constructed and valued as live in the talk of audiences. A Promptbooks is a real SCORE of MOVEMENT, this line is the real truth about the show experience as a creative worker. This then enables theoretical conceptualisations of evanescence to be returned to and reflected upon in the conclusion of the paper, which also briefly considers another recent and valuable exploration of theatre audience and liveness.

Based on the design intent of an approved Master Plan, the Conceptual Design explores all key disciplines to visualize the experience, to fully develop the design, confirm feasibility of the design intent, and determine site and infrastructure requirements.

The meaning of mokusatsi, literally "kill with silence," I often use the human body to deconstruct the main idea of the "show". A

prompt or Prompt Script. The member of stage management (often the DSM) cueing the show is said to be 'On the Book'. (e.g. 'Clare's on the book for the next show'). The problem is that your show changes continuesly. It is not one show constantly repeated, like a musical. It will be extremely time consuming to keep your program updated.

As well as the script and/or score of the show, the prompt book also contains contact lists for all concerned with the production, information about the venue(s), show reports, local amenities, emergency procedures and any other information that may be needed during the run of the show. It's rightly known as the production 'bible'.

David Estornell
David Estornell
David Estornell
David Estornell



Drama teacher





Time managing






         Playwright Projects





David Estornell is Backed by quality Processes in all areas like scripter for shows, show designer, concept artistic since he was in E.S.A.D. (Murcia).























Estornell got optimal results in ESAD a high degree of specialization in the following areas: Masterplanning,  Time managing,  Prompting ,  playwright Projects.


David Estornell
David Estornell