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 David Estornell has directed 9 shortfilms, 5 artistic installation throughout his life. David now heads up one of the artistic management of the CreativeTrust,Ltd Company. That developmental relationaships occur beyond the bounds of dyadic mentor-protégé pairings. Estornell works as a member of multiple teams guidanced by Andrea Robbins and Julien Rogeon.


David Estornell has been written his second film for one year. Actually he spends four hours a day continuing musical genre class. All his catalog and films are shared property of CreativeTrust group and Delirium Tremens Films Company and ICARM


Here you are able to watch from above some pieces from his catalog:

"The Horse"- (An advance/ Adelanto)

"The Horse".
PRODUCER: futurshorts,Ltd.

Dirección: Amparo Reina.
Guión: David Estornell.
Música: Tim DeLaughter.
An advance of "THE HORSE" - scenes from the film, 2013. (Estornell)
Guión: D. Estornell.
Música: Eduardo Noya Schreus.
Camara: Estornell, Reina, Jaime Caravaca.
Dir. Fotografía: David S. Estornell.
Productor: futurshorts,Ltd. & Danny Baror.
Daniel Garrido.
David S. Estornell.
A. Reina.
"The Horse" was Filmmed in NY, Madrid and Murcia 2013

The Catalogue - IV
Catálogo (the catalogue )- IV del realizador Estornell.
Voz en Off: Jaime Serra y J.A.V.E.
Edición Audio y montaje: K-Sam y Estornell.
Cámara: L. Espín Gómez (K20), A. Reina, Kevin Sánchez Rodríguez, J. Vera.
Director de Fotografía: D. Estornell.
Score: Jed Kurzel.
Artists: Jose A. Ortas, Jesus L. Aguilar, Kevin Sánchez Rodriguez, Almudena Martínez, Luis Espín Gómez, Jose Antonio Vera Estrada, Amparo Reina, David Estornell

Estornell´s The Catalogue (V)
David Estornell- Director
The catalogue V (Catálogo V)- V del realizador Estornell.
Danny Baror & American Standartime present
Scenes from INTO THE DUST:
scenes 8, 16, 4 from the underground film Into The Dust (2011)
Starring by Alfredo Tauste, David Estornell and Marcelo Moreno.
Directed by David S. Estornell & Luis Espín.
Starring by Amparo Reina G. Ana Belén Bautista C. y David Estornell
(Dramaturgia del Silencio y Butoh por DAVID ESTORNELL ©) 2009

8º (th) Shortfilm of D. Estornell
-Desorientado- (Misguided 2/3 )
Muestra para Agencias y Distribuidora.
Equipo técnico-
Edit: David Saä V. Estornell.
Audio designer: Ricardo López Castrillo
Photo Dir: Estornell.

Camera:Amparo Reina/Pedro G. Raja/ David Estornell
Make up: Amparo Reina.
Snack of Love
from MADLOVE (09). David Estornell.

Producers: "Some of the outtakes that contained technical errors. It gave a detailed account of the great actors interacting in a coffee restaurant".

Actress: Amparo Reina.
Actor: David Estornell.
Camera: J. R.
Music: Andrea Guerra.
Voice: Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Out / take from MadLove shooting.
La Campana de Cristal Part5/9
La Campana de Cristal Part5/9

1 First film by David Estornell / 1st film by David Estornell
Equipo técnico-

Post-Production & Audio Production
Edit: David Saä V. Estornell.
Audio designer: Scott Walker feat. David Estornell
Photo Dir: Estornell., C. Archer

Camera:José Jesús Estornell/ Cristina Martínez/ David Estornell
Make up: Arancha Zarate Lozano.
Artist: Amparo Reina G. David Saä V. Estornell. Carmen G. Serrano. Quique Gavidia
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Gay Suicide Prevention Project is leading by 3 european filmmakers for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, this one is from spanish filmmaker and actor David Estornell.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline '1-800-273-TALK (8255)'
No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.

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