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"If you think the adjectives gentrified, conservative, and economics-driven describe Dennis Cooper, writer and estornell´s editor of the 2007 anthology of blogging fiction Userlands, you are dead wrong. If you agree with him that those words characterize most contemporary American fiction, then this anthology may just be your tumbler of mescaline(...) estornell is a sensitive soul..."

Janet Fitch

wrote about her "White Oleander" (Estornell) and

his editor Dennis Cooper.





New fiction from the blogging underground

Dennis Cooper (from his introduction):
"This anthology intends to bring to light some of the new fiction writers who are using the Internet's labyrinthine array of blogs and personal web pages to expose, test, and develop their work. The contributors range in age from sixteen to early forties. They are gay, straight, and in some cases still searching for their identities. They live in North America's cities and small towns as well as in countries as physically far afield as Norway, Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, and the UK. Their fiction ranges in character from adventurous literary works to pieces that are astonishingly emotional, sexual, and/or personally revealing. What unifies them is their extraordinary talent, their daring and highly individualistic approaches to composing fiction, and the breathtaking freshness, charge, and skill of their prose. Somewhere in this anthology's collection of mostly unknown, exciting voices are the next important writers of English language fiction."




A question to Estornell, written by Danny Baror:


The obvious question would be, what made you take shortfilms and pictures of american folks’ rooms in the first place?


After I studied in España, I spent some time in London, Paris and Malta, then moved to Murcia. I was always a guest in foreign countries, and conscious of how cultural differences affect people. As it is not very common to invite friends to your own flat in Amboise, I got curious about how french people live. And, I was curious about what they take with them to foreign countries, wondering if it would be different from what I’d take: Do they take their feelings or things – sensuous or tangible memories like chinese?


In his underground pieces and words, David is interested in pushing the boundaries of organic beauty and their emotional perception with visual and scientific technology. By layering different structural, spatial and temporal concepts organically he creates a slowly evolving complexity. This multifaceted perspective, a kind of narrational skeleton is filled by the viewers own memory and creates a seamless blend with the artwork itself. - Dann.

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you" جلال الدين محمد بلخى

David S. V. Estornell has written 3 books of  Poems in Spanish ( in custody by Luis Antonio de Villena). Titled: Rentboy, Un mirlo blanco, Carne de Charol. He has published two out of stock book: MilkBoy, Poems Collection 10/11.

Spanish living abroad

"Un cambio en el temple del fiordo

Vuelven, sombra a la sombra;

y cada niño entre su madre

se repliega en su doble de alma.

Un cambio tira de las ajadas cortinas de la piel;

y el corazón entrega a los muertos de la ternura.


Un ángel en los climas de la ternura

Vuelve hostil a la hembra, la jeringa de oro estalla

Sobre la vena helada.

Un clima en la comarca de las aves

Cambia el cariño en día; el sexo entre sus soles

Ilumina al vivo humilde. Los olivos arrojan su carne,

Será niño o leche maculada al tesón del mármol.

Las orcas gritan en el abismo, el viento abisal asesino, cómplice, la otra mitad es tuya.

Sé mi metáfora, mi símil, mi sombra y lapo. Pues estoy ajeno a los sudarios del gusano.

El gallo canta a la mortaja. Está amaneciendo y los cereales se reblandecen en el tazón de madera"


“Were children blind

Is a place that I know well

And be so held back

And the space inside ourselves

And hard to fill, busker out loud...”

David S.V. Estornell

David will publish a novel "The children who murdered love" (Coming soon!) property of CREATIVETRUST by his manager Danny Baror. "Los campos de azafrán" y "La libélula en la cruz".

We often think of Estornell as a brand in the European Internet subculture: "La Adelfa Blanca/White Oleander™", a true baptism bestowed by the writer and editor Janet Fitch in 2005.


He has written the "Viðrar vel til loftárása" script, a song by the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, with Estefan Arnie, Siggi Kinski.


David Estornell has written "MDEA" and "El dios salvaje" ("The savage god"), as a part of the international project "ESADGERACIONES", produced in collaboration between the Centro Párraga and the Murcian Drama graduates, as a result of their researches.

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